We offer a variety of services and laser cutting of a wide range of parts and components of all types of products based on metal and wood. Applications of laser cutting and powder coating services include furniture parts, decorative inlays, artistic projects, architectural models, decors, marketing inscriptions and displays and much more. At Magtrade, we have extensive experience in laser cutting of a wide range of materials and parts for all industries to provide solutions and services that meet the needs and specifications of our customers.

We have two fiber optic lasers with the ability to process:

  • sheet material with dimensions 3000x1500mm
  • pipes from ф10 to ф160mm
  • square profiles – up to 120×120 mm
  • rectangular profiles – up to 120×110 mm

and thicknesses as follows:

  • ferrous metals – up to 12 mm
  • aluminum alloys – up to 6 mm
  • brass, copper – up to 4 mm
  • stainless steels – up to 8 mm

We have:

  • two eight-axis press brakes with digital program control with bending capabilities up to 3000mm and force 1000kN
  • long machine for bending sheet material up to 3000 mm and thickness 4 mm
  • four-axis wire bending machine with dimensions φ 4, ф5, ф6 and ф8mm
  • four axial bending machine fixed radii of pipes up to ф63,5х2mm and profiles up to 50х50х2mm
  • three-roll machine for bending pipes up to ф63,5х2mm and profiles up to 40mm in cross section and wall thickness 2mm

We have:

  • 3D welding table with dimensions 3000x1500x800mm
  • devices for TIG and MIG welding
  • We polish brass and stainless steels to an abominable shine

We have:

  • package saw with the possibility of cutting plates with dimensions 3660×3800 mm
  • two centers with digital program control and possibility for curvilinear cutting drilling of plates with dimensions 3200×1600 mm
  • edging machine with prefabrication and postforming

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