Terms and conditions

    1. General

“MAGTRADE-ABV ” EOOD , UIC 31524891, with registered office: Bulgaria, 1000 Sofia Lulin bl. 333, entrance 1 , hereinafter ” Magtrade “, “us” or ” we ”) is the owner of the site www.magtrade.net This is a site that provides corporate information to consumers and the opportunity to purchase various goods provided by Magtrade.

The following terms apply to all orders placed by the customer (hereinafter referred to as “you”) to Magtrade, which uses the online site www.magtrade.net. All information about a product (hereinafter Product) is provided by us.

By using www.magtrade.net and / or placing an order, you agree to be bound by the terms set out here (the “Terms”). Please make sure you read and understand the Terms and Conditions before placing your order.

Contracts may be made by private individuals who are not engaged in business, have attained the age of 18, who have not been placed under guardianship, and who have indicated a residence or other address in Bulgaria, and by legal persons through their representative or authorized person. Consumer protection rules under the Consumer Protection Act do not apply to legal entities.

The inclusion of products on www.magtrade.net at any time does not mean or warrant that these products or services will be available at any time. We reserve the right to suspend the offering of any product at any time.

We reserve the right to change these Terms from time to time without notice to you. The version of the Terms that will apply to your order will be the one published on www.magtrade.net at the time you place your order.

  1. Ordering / contracting

2.1. Order

You must be 18 years old and provide a valid shipping and payment address.

You can place an order through www.magtrade.net by adding the desired goods and / or services to My Shopping Cart, following the steps outlined on the site to complete and submit the relevant Order.

Any goods and / or services added to the Cart may be purchased if available. Adding a product and / or service to the Shopping Cart without order completion does not lead to the registration of the order and the automatic storage of the product / service.

When you’re done shopping, click Shopping Cart to place your order. Price and availability will be shown. You can also edit your order at this time. When you are satisfied with your order, go to payment.

After you place your order, you will receive an email confirmation that has no sense of acceptance, confirmation or a commitment for its implementation. Registering an Order is not equivalent to its confirmation. You will be further notified by email when your order is shipped.

The Client agrees and is responsible for ensuring that all information provided to MAGTRADE in connection with the Order is correct, complete and accurate at the time of order submission.

2.2. Contract

The distance sales contract between us and you is considered concluded at the time of receipt by the customer by e-mail of a notification that the product of the Order is ready for shipment. Such a message contains a notification that the customer will be additionally notified by a courier of the exact delivery date.

The contract of sale concluded between you and us consists of these general terms and conditions and any additional agreements between you and us.

If for any reason we are unable to fulfill your order, we will notify you as soon as possible. If we have already received payment for such an order, we will refund the corresponding amount. If for any reason another settlement of the case is necessary, we will notify you and ask you to contact us in order to arrange a refund.

Magtrade has the right to refuse to execute (cancel) the Order made by the Clientand should notify the Client. The cancellation of the order does not entail any liability or subsequent obligation of either party to the other in relation to it and accordingly neither of them shall be entitled to claim from the other compensation for its cancellation in the following cases:

  • carrying out the money transaction, which does not lead to the receipt of funds on the account of Magtrade;
    • The data provided by the Client on the Platform are incomplete and / or incorrect.
  1. Methods of payment

The prices of the Products announced in the Platform are final and include VAT, as well as all other taxes and fees provided for in the current Bulgarian legislation.

The price, the method of payment and the due date for invoicing are indicated in each Order.

The Client is obliged to provide all the necessary information for the issuance of the invoice in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation.

Magtrade will issue to the Client an invoice for the Products ordered and delivered based on the information provided by the Client.

Credit Card or Debit Card
You can enter your payment information at the time you place an order using a valid credit or debit card (VISA or Mastercard). The relevant amount will be claimed immediately on your card but will be debited before the goods are shipped. Client’s payment card details will not be available for Magtrade, nor will it be stored by Magtrade, but only by the issuer of the respective payment card or by any other entity authorized to provide card credential storage services.

Magtrade reserves the right to verify the validity of a credit or debit card, its status regarding the value of the order and whether the address details of the buyer are correct. We may refuse to execute orders depending on the results of those checks.

Transfer You can choose to pay by bank transfer to Magtrade. When paying by bank transfer, Magtrade does not bear any responsibility for any costs related to fees, commissions or other additional payments made by the Client or his bank in connection with the transaction itself, as well as in cases of exchange to the currency applied by the bank that issued the card to the customer in cases where the currency is different than BGN.

  1. Delivery

We are obliged to deliver the ordered and purchased goods through a courier company to the address specified by the Buyer when submitting the Order.

We  will ensure that the goods are packaged properly and that accompanying documents are sent. If by any chance the shipment does not contain the document required for the product ordered, then please contact us at info@magtrade.net and we will do our best to provide it to you as soon as possible.

The terms and price of delivery of the goods will be communicated to the Customers after the desired Product (s) is placed in the “Cart” at the “check-out” stage with the delivery address filled. This allows for the most accurate calculation of the delivery price.

Delivery time is 7 to 10 working days after order confirmation. While we strive to deliver within the specified interval, delivery may take longer due to unexpected events. If the delivery time exceeds 30 days, you can cancel your order.

If your order does not arrive by the scheduled date, please contact us via email info@magtrade.net .

  1. The right to cancel the Products ordered

The Client has the right to refuse the delivery of the Order without penalties and without giving a reason within 14 days from the date of:

  1. conclusion of the Remote Contract – upon delivery of Services;
  2. acceptance of the Goods by the Client or by a third party other than the Courier and indicated by the Client under the Remote Contract for the Goods, or when the Client has ordered several Goods with one Order, which are delivered separately as of the date on which the Client or the third party , other than the Courier and indicated by the Client, accept the last Goods.

The Client must send or deliver the goods back to the Vendor or to a person authorized by him without undue delay and not later than 14 days from the date on which the consumer informed the Vendor of his decision to withdraw from the contract. The deadline is considered to be met if the consumer sends or handles the goods back to the Vendor before the expiry of the 14-day period.

If you paid for the goods, we will refund you the amount, which includes standard Magtrade shipping costs, but will not include the cost of for returning the goods to us. If you choose to hold certain goods and only partially cancel your order, your shipping costs will not be refunded.

If you wish to cancel or return your order, please let us know by sending an email to info@magtrade.net; by returning the item (s) as specified in the Return Items section below within the 14-day period. If the goods you receive are defective, please notify us who delivered the goods in a timely manner and return the goods as indicated in section 6 (Return of Goods) below. We will refund the full amount you paid for any goods found to be defective. The clauses set out in this document do not limit any applicable law.


The Client shall not have the right to withdraw from the concluded Contract in the following cases:

  • in the provision of services in which the service is fully provided and its execution has started with the explicit prior consent of the Client and confirmation by him that he knows that he will lose his right of withdrawal after the contract has been fully executed by Magtrade ;


  • upon delivery of goods made to the Customer’s request or according to his individual requirements;



  • upon delivery of sealed goods which have been printed after delivery and cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection;


  • in the supply of goods which, having been delivered and by their nature have been mixed with other goods which cannot be separated;


  1. Return of goods

Magtrade guarantees a full refund of the amount paid, as described in Section 5 ( Right of Refusal of Ordered Goods ), provided that all goods are returned in the same condition as they were when you received them. This means that the goods must not be damaged, contaminated, washed, altered or worn (except measured) and that all labels or markings must be in place.

  1. Our responsibility


Nothing in these Terms excludes or limits Magtrade’s liability with respect to problems that it would be unlawful for us to limit or exclude our liability.

Magtrade is not responsible for indirect losses that are a side effect of a major loss or damage, such as loss of profit or loss of opportunity; or may not deliver the goods or meet any of our other obligations under these Terms and Conditions when this inability is due to an event beyond our control, which includes but is not limited to fire, flood, storm, riots , civil unrest, war, nuclear accident and terrorist activity.

Our maximum liability to you for any loss or damage arising from your order through www.magtrade.net www.mygiftocean.com will be limited to the total price of your order.

If you have any problem with a product that you purchased through the Online Platform and were unable to resolve the dispute with the Vendor, then you can file a complaint with the EU Online Dispute Resolution Platform (“ODR Platform”).

The ODR platform offers consumers and Vendors within the EU the opportunity to experience and reach out-of-court complaints arising from online purchases. This one-off complaint platform is an easy and interactive website that is free and accessible in all the official languages ​​of the EU. Using the ODR platform, the consumer and the Vendor can find the appropriate authority to resolve the dispute and then go through the process of finding a solution to the consumer complaint. The ODR platform is available here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr .

    1. Colors and sizes

All images posted on the Platform have the sole purpose of creating a certain idea of ​​the type of Product being offered, not of presenting it accurately. Accordingly, some of the images may not match the look or feel of the service being provided. MAGTRADE-ABV will not be responsible for such inconsistencies.

  1. Separation

If any part of these Terms is rejected or found invalid by a court or regulatory authority, the other Terms will continue to apply.

  1. Ownership of rights

All intellectual property rights, such as the trademarks and copyrights of www.magtrade.net the property of Magtrade or our licensors. Any use of www.magtrade.net or its contents, including the copying or storage of such content in whole or in part, except for your own personal, non-commercial use, is prohibited without permission from Magtrade.

  1. Company information

Location: c. 1000 Sofia, Lulin bl. 333, entrance 1